​     We are happy to announce the new Cross Bow from Mission Archery. It is called the  Sub-1. It is just over 30 inches long and weighs 7.5 lbs. It's rated at 350 fps and is capable of shooting 1 inch groups or less at 100 yards. It is also capable of being easily decocked using the cocking rope without having to take the safety off or pull the trigger. Come in and see this amazing Cross Bow today.

     We still have a number of Mathews Halon 32's in stock but they are going out fast. We will be offering some good deals on all leftover Bows from Mathews and Mission in anticipation of the 2018 Model announcement.

     We have a couple of PSE Evolve Bows left. These are fantastic shooting Bows and will do a great job in the woods or on the 3-D Course. Again, all PSE Bows in stock will be cloeout price, starting Oct. 9th

  We will receive our first shipment of Mrs. Doe Pee Estrus Buck Lure the week of Oct. 16th. This is the best estrus lure on the market today. Sam and Judi Collora are avid whitetail hunters and use this product themselves to take some monster Iowa Bucks.
     This urine is refrigerated from the time of collection and shipped in cooled containers. It is the freshest product available unless you are collecting it yourself. Come get yours while supply lasts.

 We offer the Mathews, Mission, and PSE lines of Bows. We also carry Accessories from companies such as: Tru-Fire, RipCord,  Alpine, QAD, HHA, Extreme, Axion and more. We have arrows from Gold Tip, Easton, Carbon Express. If you want something we don't carry, feel free to ask and we will check into getting it for you.

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